This site sells the original Ollieburger seasonings and the Ollie fry seasoning. We also sell the Wiernerwauld Chicken rub to prep the chickens with and directions. We have the hotdogs steamed in beer recipe as well as the great roast beef rub and our famous Key Lime Pie recipe that we used at LUMS. All of this can be ordered on this web site or thru Dennis at

We have added a new item Ollie's Breakfast Sausage seasonings. The base is Ollie's flavorful seasoning with old time breakfast spices added. Ollie put his seasonings on everything from his famous green beans to his burgers. Now we added it so we can make our own turkey & pork breakfast sausage. Great way to start your day!  

Thank you for visiting our online store! You can order Ollieburger, Ollie french fry seasonings and LUMS signature items (LUMS key lime pie, hot dogs steamed in beer recipes, wienerwald chicken and roast beef rub) on this site. Please take some time to read about the company and its foundations.

I was the Director of Operations for a Lums franchise in Vermont and upstate New York for 12 years from 1980-1992.  I made this website to keep alive the history and taste of some menu items of this great American eaterie. I have the original recipes for the Ollieburger, Wienerwald chicken, hotdogs steamed in beer.Lums Roast Beef rub and the key lime pie.  These items consumed my life for all those years as I opened new LUMS, trained our trainers and managers, visited and inspected for quality, cleanliness, and service for all of the LUMS restaurants six days a week twelve to sixteen hours a day. Terry, the owner and I, would leave our office in Shelburne, Vermont at eight o'clock in the morning and return between midnight and two the next morning. I met many people in New England who have become life long friends. This website is dedicated to all of them.